Requirements for Grading - 9th Gup - Yellow Stripe

Fundamental Movements Theory
parallel stance punch
walking stance on the spot with punch
walking stance forearm low obverse block
walking stance knife-hand low obverse block
walking stance inner forearm obverse side block
pronunciation of Taekwon-Do,
     literal translation and definition
founder of Taekwon-Do and rank
date Taekwon-Do founded
date ITF formed
meaning of white belt
conduct in the dojang
rules of the dojang
Kicks Self Defence
front rising kick
front snap kick
stepping side rising kick
stepping side Piercing kick
simple hand grab releases
simple breaks
simple attacks
Stances Patterns
parallel ready
close ready
Saju Jirugi (four direction punch)
     left and right hand
Saju Makgi (four direction block)
     left and right hand
simple three step without a partner

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