Yin Yang Grading and Workshop by Master Weston

May 12, 2016

Master Weston travelled to the Gold Coast to test 4 students from Yin Yang Taekwon-Do and run a workshop on step sparring and self defence

Mr Tim Pipe from Yin Yang Taekwon-Do (a member of ITF HQ Korea) invited Master Weston to test a number of students for their 1st degree Black Belt ad to run a workshop for the students on step sparring and self defence. Many of the candidates for the test had met and trained with Master Weston last year in Korea at the July Tul Tour and consequently they knew Master Weston. So it was a pleasure for Master Weston to test these family members. The standard in this club is very high with a determined and skilled instructor in Mr Pipe and his team of assistant instructors.

The students responded well to the lesson on Step sparring and self defence presented by Master Weston with the emphasis on the use of techniques from fundamental moves and patterns in the routines of step sparring and self defence shown.

Mr Weston also spent time preparing Mr Pipe and his assistant instructor Min for their next grading and he was impressed how quickly they adopted his methods.

This club will no doubt continue to be very successful with the next step being some competition entries

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