Welcome to Southern ITF. We are the only member of the International Taekwon-Do Federation based in Hobart, Tasmania.

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We are the only member of the International Taekwon-Do Federation based in Hobart, Tasmania

(not the Olympic style WT Taekwondo or an unaligned independent Tae Kwon Do style).

The system we teach was developed by General Choi Hong Hi and is also known as the Chang Hon style which was General Choi’s pen name.

We teach Men, Women and Children in a dedicated Dojang with specific classes for children aged 6-11 and classes 5 nights each week for mixed groups of Adults and children.

There is a growing body of evidence to support the premise that Taekwon-Do and Martial Arts in general assists children with their studies by providing focus skills as well as the physical benefits of regular exercise. It is of course a great way to provide Adults and Children with the confidence to deal with Bullying in the workplace and at school.

Our classes are designed to be fun as well as physically challenging but each individual is encouraged to work at their comfort level


The health and fitness benefits are significant with our qualified instructors using the latest scientifically proven methods to improve strength and flexibility and include High intensity interval training and yoga poses.


Taekwon-do can help to develop confidence and concentration through the mental and physical discipline associated with this traditional Martial Art.


We have a well established syllabus structure that allows students achieve the goals set in reasonable time periods.


We offer the opportunity to compete at club, state, national and international level and many of our students have won National and International competition.


“Since I began my journey training with Southern ITF Taekwon-Do, our 7th degree master Steve Weston and our team of black belts have reassured and inspired me and have always been willing to share their extensive experience and knowledge, which has lead me to find my inner power. My journey to becoming a black belt has taught me how to achieve what I want to and that confidence is now reflected in all angles of my life. I have overcome anxiety and allowed myself to really start living. Taekwon”

Lisa Wilkins

1st Degree Black Belt

“I’ve known and trained with Master Steve Weston since I was a teenager. His personal knowledge of Taekwon-Do is of the highest level. I’d recommend his teaching and training facility to anyone.”

Jason Shaw

1st degree black belt

“Southern ITF is a friendly environment for beginners of all shapes and sizes.  My son and I joined over a year ago and we enjoy the mix of strength and flexibility work along with the new technical skills we learn each week, we particularly enjoy the self-defence classes.  I wish I’d started when I was younger but I am really enjoying training with my kid and I need to make sure my skills stay 1 step ahead!!”

Tom Gregg

Lead Energy Trader

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