Timetable and Costs


Fundamentals / Patterns

These skills are essential for being able to perform techniques with power/balance and speed. They teach you how to move from one stance to another while changing direction and stance but maintaining these three important features.

Kicking and Punching

These high intensity classes teach the correct techniques to develop extremely powerful strikes while standing, jumping or even flying  through the air


These classes will teach you how to use the fundamental techniques developed in the other classes against a moving opponent using the correct distances for attack and defence and the right tools for the task.

Self defence

Self Defence classes bring together the knowledge you develop from the basic skills and apply them to your self-defence situations.

The Southern ITF Taekwon-Do timetable from February 2024 is listed below. Our  evening classes and 5pm youth classes occur irrespective of school calendars however, our childrens' classes are tied to school terms
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Membership Fees

The Southern ITF Taekwon-Do Membership fee is $50 for Adults and $40 for Youth and children.
ITF Taekwon-Do Tasmania Annual fee and insurance is $35 for adults and $15 for children.

Youth Training fees

Colour Belts
Training - youth $50/mth
Colour Belt Grading - $35

Southern ITF Kids Classes (6-10 yrs old)

Special childrens offer - membership, insurance, dobok, and first four grading
Individual - $150
Family of 2 - $240
Family of 3 - $350

Training -
Individual - $150/term 
Family of 2 - $250/term 
Family of  3 -  $300/term 

Adult and Concession
Training fees

Colour Belts
Training - $90 Monthly
$70 concession
Colour Belt Grading - $35

Black Belts

Training - $100 Monthly

Black Belt Gradings as per ITF Schedule

All Memberships Include

  • Structured syllabus
  • Access to a fulltime dojang
  • Train up to 3 nights a week
  • Professional instruction from 8th degree Master Steve Weston, supported by a team of experienced black belts
  • Access to club, state, national and international competition
  • All students are graded by a recognised International Instructor or Master

Family Training fees

Family of 2
(Save up to $600 a year)

Training - $130 Monthly
Colour Belt Grading - $60

Family of 3
(Save up to $1320 a year)

Training - $160 Monthly
Colour Belt Grading - $90

Family of 4
(Save up to $1920 a year)

Training - $200 Monthly
Colour Belt Grading - $110

Womens KickFit Strategy

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