March 16, 2020


I just wanted to let you know of measures I feel are necessary to ensure everyone's safety in these challenging times.

1. This afternoon, about 2pm I will go into the dojang and disinfect the floor and kicking shields etc. Anyone who wishes to assist would be very welcome.

2. I will place soap and antiseptic gel beside the sinks with paper towels in each of the changing rooms and gel at the entry to the dojang for visitors.

3. We will all have to clean our hands before and after class, this is an essential mechanism to minimise the risk of contagion.

4. Boxes of tissue will be available within the dojang for anyone to clear their throat etc.

5. Do not come to training if you are at all unwell, this includes respiratory infections but also other illnesses that may be impacted if you catch Covid 19

6. We need to disinfect the mats and kicking shields after every class, we have several mops and buckets to do this and I would ask that we all contribute to doing this at the end of each class.

7. The most challenging aspect will be to try to minimise contact with each other during this time, to this end i will try to modify classes to allow us to train well but not touch each other. This will no doubt be the most difficult aspect of our training but if we wish to continue classes we must do this. I am open to ideas that will assist in this process.

If you have any other ideas that we should use to minimise our risks of contracting the virus please feel free to let me know. Please note that our friends from the Aikido class that share our space have decided to cancel classes for two months. I hope we will not have to do this but we will follow all government directives as required.

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